Namibia planning tilapia festival to promote farm startups

In a bid to promote the production and consumption of tilapia, and to generate interest among Namibians and community groups in starting fish farms, Namibia is set to hold its first tilapia festival.

Deputy minister of fisheries and marine resources, Chief Samuel Ankama, and Johan van der Westhuizen of Uis Aquaculture Farm, will host the first Ntunda Tilapia Festival on May 23 May.

The main activity during the festival will be a cooking competition. Participants will have to prepare a meal consisting of four courses: a snack plate, appetizer, main course and dessert. Tilapia must be an ingredient in each course.

Tilapia will be supplied by the Uis Aquaculture Farm, but participants in the competition must provide all additional ingredients.

“Tilapia fish, which is now being cultivated throughout the world, has its origin in Africa,” said Van der Westhuizen. “Our people must be encouraged to appreciate and utilize indigenous products. This festival will also strive to bring together African people from various walks of life and specifically contribute to nation building.”

Apart from the main activity, a presentation of a recirculation aquaculture system, with integrated aquaponics, will be conducted by Uis Aquaculture.

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