Probiotics (water/soil)

  • De Oder

    Probiotic based gas adsorbent


    * Reduce the ammonia and nitrite.
    * Promotes nitrification through increased organic degradation.
    * Control the PH fluctuation and maintain the DO levels.
    * Reduce the growth of filamentous algae.

    DOSAGE:1 litre per acre.

    APPLICATION:shrimp farms, fish farms and seed farms.

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  • Germs

    GERMS-water and soil probiotic (granules)

    * Germs oxidizes toxic gases like NH3.H2s,No3 etc.
    * Germs improves DO level and reduce BOD and COD .
    * Germs reduces pathogenic bacteria in the pond

    Application:1-5kgs one acre fish or shrimp pond


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  • Mega Ps

    MEGA PS:
    * Reduce the toxic gases in bottom of the pond water .
    * It improves useful bacteria in the pond.
    * It maintains alkalinity and PH.

    APPLICATION : 5 Litre per Acre for every 15 days

    Presentation : 5lt, 20lt.

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  • Microbes


    Specialized Water and Soil Probiotic for L. Vannamei.,

    Specially made for Vibrio and bottom Controller for shrimp culture.


    * Ensure high survival
    * Enhance water quality
    * Reduce the Pathogenic Bacterial loads Quickly
    * Reduce the stress to the animal
    * Increases pond coloring to desired Color
    * Reduce the toxic gases quickly

    Dosage: 250-500 gms /Acre for shrimp

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  • Microbial-Tab


    Microbial-Tab –High Concentrated Probiotic Tablets:

    Potency : Guaranteed analysis 40 x 109 c.f.u per gram

    Benefits :
    * Reduce the pathogenic bacteria loads quickly .
    * Reduce the bottom sludge .Reduce the toxic gases quickly .
    * Improve the water Quality thus Increase pond coloring to desired greenish color.
    * It is effective in high range of salinity water.

    Dosage : 250gms per Acre for shrimp

    Application :Recommended quantity of tablets & distribute all over the pond in sunlight only.

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  • Nitro-NB

    Nitro-NB Complete water & soil Pollution Controller
    NITRO-NB Improves the useful Bacteria and maintain alkalinity and PH levels .
    It reduces the H2S and NH3 in water.
    NITRO-NB Controls Nitrites and maintain COD & BOD levels so Provides favorable environment to Prawn and Fish growth
    Dosage:5 Liter per acre Once in a 15 days or advised by an aqua consultant.

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  • Plankto Bloom

    PLANKTO BLOOM-producing rich plankton for fish and prawns.

    It is specially designed product that contain all necessary elements in combination with the probiotic bacteria to promote healthy and stable growth of beneficial plankton.

    Unstable plankton leads to bloom crash, poor survival/growth of shrimp and fish. plankton have highest nutritional value helps in improving the survival and growth rate of cultured fish and shrimp. one of the most visible signs of adverse effect in the soil condition is unstable plankton bloom.

    DOSAGE:1 litre per acre in fish-2 litre per acre in prawn.

    USAGE:Day time in sunlight through water application.

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