Feed Supplements

  • Addgel

    AddGel – Good Binder with protein, Vitamins & Carbohydrates in Gel formation


    • Binds all powder formulations without reducing their potency and it is very easy to use.
    • It is binder with excellent water stability and ensure efficient feed consumption and reduces feed wastage.
    • It has attractive taste, Flavor and palatability , so that pellet feed can be consumed easily.
    • An identified growth promoters in Add gel facilitates faster weight gain.

    Dosage: 20 – 30ml per kg pellets.

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  • Calcigrow


    Calcigrow Feed Supplement with extra calcium

    * Controls Loose Shell and Soft Shell in shrimp.
    * Stimulates the Skeletal and Muscular growth.
    * Controls Calcium deficiency.
    Dosage: 10 to 20 ml per Kg of feed / as per advice of Aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 1lit , 5lit& 20 lit.

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  • Extramin+

    * Maintains stable and healthy bloom.
    * Reduces the usage of inorganic fertilizers.
    * Reduces the usage of Lime and Dolomite.
    * Regulates pH.
    * Maintains water and soil quality.
    * Enchances yield.
    * Improving dissolved oxygen.
    * Reducing fluctuations in temperature.
    * Growing phytoplankton.

    Dosage: 5 to 10 kgs for acre.

    Presentation: 10kgs

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  • Free-Cramp


    Free-crampGrowth promoter & Reduce the body cramps

    Benefits :
    * Helps for fast growth
    * Enhances Immunity
    * Prevents disease out breaks of both bacterial and viral
    * Animal grows without stress. Increase muscle strength.

    Dosage: 5-10g per kg feed for shrimp

    Presentation: 500gms.

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  • Grow-Liv

    Grow-Liv-Fish feed Supplements
    Benefits :
    * Protects Liver from feed / water related toxins.
    * Optimizes the utilization of feed ingredients.
    * Improves FCR. Improves weight gain.
    * Improves fat metabolism. Improves livability. Improve resistance.

    Application:As per prescribed by the Aqua consultant based on the pond Condition


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  • Legros Bio


    * Helps to active the function of Hepato pancreas
    * Helps to control white Gut Diseases in shrimps
    * Helps for fast growth and more body weights
    * Effectively controls wide range of pathogens in gut
    * Improve Survival rates
    * Helps for better Digestion.
    * Best Immune Modulator

    Dosage: as per pond condition.

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  • Leo-c

    Leo-C– Ascorbic Acid 50%.


    • Instant Relief from stress.
    • Improves Health & Immunity.
    • Helps for More survivals.
    • Helps for better growth & body weight.
    • Increases muscle strength.
    • Improve free moulting.

    Dosage: 5gms per kg of feed in Normal condition

    Presentation: 500gms

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  • Leo-Force


    • Reduces the microbial load in the gut of the shrimp
    • Avoid the stress to the prawn
    • Improve the production efficiency
    • Prevent white gut disease in shrimp
    • Improves the survivals with better growth and body weights.
    • Improves feed intake and induces moulting process.
    • Control the vibrio load in the gut.

    Dosage: 5gms per kg feed or as per pond condition

    Note: Mix required quantity of Loe-Force with a Add-Gel or Calcigrow binder.

    Presentation: 500gms

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  • Min Balance


    • Provides Essential macro and micro minerals,Vitamins and amino acids in full strength.
    • Builds fish with stronger bones and more weight.
    • Aids digestion and improves growth and FCR.
    • Enhances Natural colours of fishes.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Increases the liver function in detoxifying.
    • Reduces stress due to diseases and water quality deterioration.
    • Better growth and weight gain.
    • Enzymes help in the digestion of protein,fats carbohydrates and fibre

    Dosage :
    *10kg/Tonne of feed

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  • Nitrokill

    Nitrokill– A Unique Pond Protector.


    * Reduce the formation of toxic gases like NH4,H2S,NO3,at bottom of the pond

    * Helps to optimizes plankton growth

    * Regulates pond water parameters

    * Reduce pond water turbidity and increase DO levels

    * Improves soil and water quality

    Dosage : Shrimp/Fish 400gms  per acre.

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  • Orgamin


    Orgamin lm – 100% Water Soluable Organic Minerals

    * To helps the pre-moulting of the shrimp and avoid the soft shelling of the shrimp.
    * Improves the colour of pond water by promoting phytoplankton blooms in order to create an abundant natural food basis and stabilize the environment of the culture pond.
    * Balance the mineral deficiency.

    Dosage: . Consult aqua technician for specific usage.

    Presentation: 1 & 5Litres.

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  • Revit

    Revit-Hi-Concentrated Vitamins

    * Improves fast growth and weight gain
    * Reduce stress due to diseases and water quality deterioration
    * Improve good quality fish and prawn
    * Enhance natural color of the fish and prawn
    * Improve feed conversion ratio(FCR)
    Dosage:Fish 1kg 1ton of feed. Prawn 10g per 1kg feed

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