Sanitizers (disinfectants)

  • Aquaguard

    AQUA GUARD: Perfect disinfectant

    AQUA GUARD is a perfect sanitizer and disinfectant. it sanitizes pond water and controls tail rots and gill infections. It suppresses the growth of filamentous algae. It does not offended or irritate the body of prawn.


    Application:500 ml per acre of pond water which is approximately 2 feed depth.

    Presentation: 1ltr, 5ltrs & 20ltrs.

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  • Bactodine


    Bactodine – Antifungal – Antibacterial and Anti Viral

    *  Controls water related infections such as Viral, Bacterial, Protozoal and Fungal infections.
    *  Induces complete molting in shrimp.
    *  Protects the Shrimp/Fish from secondary infections in case of wounds caused by external damages.
    *  Cures swollen gills, Red gills, Tail rot, Broken appendages in Shrimp/Fish.

    Dosage: 250ml. to 500ml. per acre or consult aqua technician for specific usage.

    Presentation: 1lt., 5Lits.

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  • Biocure


    BioCure –Specialized Multi Action Disinfectant

    BioCure is a synergistic blend of 5 different potent disinfectants for use in Aqua culture systems. This combination with their own different mode of action assure the use of disinfection in different stages of Aqua culture.

    Benefits :
    * Effective against Viral, Bacterial and Fungal contaminants in water.
    * Promotes Pre molting in hard shell diseases in shrimp.
    * Effective against Red Disease, Dropsy, Columnaris , Bacterial gill disease, Tail and Fin Rot, protozoan and Fungal infections in fish.

    Dosage : 1 Litre per Acre for Fish/ 500 ml per Acre for Shrimp

    Presentation:5 &20 lit

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  • Biophor

    Biophor :
    *It is a powerful sanitizer.

    *Biophor controls tail rot ;Black gill ; Red disease in fish and shrimps.

    *Biophor is an ideal and high potency disinfectant.

    *Biophor gives immediate action after application.

    *Biophor 20% controls several Fungal disease of Fish & prawns.


    Application : During day time in sunlight only.

    Presentation : 500 ml & 1000ml.

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  • D-Viral


    D-ViralPowerful disinfectant in shrimp culture and dynamic and a most potent bio security blend

    D-Viral Effective against all types of pathogenic virus, bacteria, fungus and protozoa. It is a broad spectrum sanitizer effective against a wide range of aquatic pathogens including white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) and Monodon baculo virus (MBV) as well as Bacteria such as Vibrio spp. It is biodegradable and Eco friendly and safe for human and animal life .It is an Disinfecting agent to use in aqua hatcheries, ponds ,Aquarium fishes and processing plants.


    Colour : Tartrazine Yellow

    Dosage :500g per Acre


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  • Ex-Gill


    * Controls all types of Bacterial Diseases like Black Gill,Tail Rot,Red Diseases and Broken Appendages etc,.
    * Effectively work against gram negative luminous bacteria.
    * Antibiotic Free.

    Dosage: 50g – 100g per Acre or consult aqua technician for specific usage.

    Presentation: 100g.

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  • Germicide

    GERMICIDE Moult inducer

    GERMICIDE  is a stable form of B.K.C having highly effective against bacterial, protozoan, fungal and viral diseases of fish, prawn & shrimps. it is powerful sanitizer which helps in including molting and also prevents water contamination.


    Application Dilute 500ml to 1000ml germicide in 100 Litres of water and spray uniformly throughout the pond of one acre or meter water depth.

    Presentation: 1 & 5ltrs

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  • Gutazen

    Gutazen – Exclusive Water Sanitizer for fish culture

    Gutazen is a highly formulated sanitizing compound
    It kills the pathogenic bacteria.
    It controls the incidence of bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases.

    Application:1Litre per acre / as per Aqua Consultant.

    Presentation : 1 lit & 5 lit.

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  • Hydrocure

    Hydrocure:Control Pathogens with its Powerful Sanitizing compounds

    Benefits :Hydrocure control Bacterial, Fungal and Protozoan Infections.

    Dosage: 1Litre per Acre of pond or as directed by Aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 1Liter and 5 Liters.

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  • Jet-37

    JET37Top performance sanitizer


    * Jet-37 solution is advice for use in control protozoan infections of prawns successfully.

    * Jet-37 is useful to reduce the levels of ciliates on culture marine shrimps.

    * Jet-37 effectively used for the treatment of Ecto parasitic infections on fish.

    Application: 1 ltr per acre/as per aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 5 lt,20lt.

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