• Geo-Gran

    Geo-Gram-Specially made for bottom cleaner

    Benefits :

    • Adsorbs toxic gases like ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide,Nitrate from pond Water.
    • Improve water quality in High risk Condition.
    • Optimised Plankton levels
    • Reduce the turbidity of pond water.
    • Removes off flavors from Pondwater and bottom.
    • Improves Do Levels

    Dosage : 5 Kgs per acre

    Presentation :10kgs.

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  • Germicide

    GERMICIDE Moult inducer

    GERMICIDE  is a stable form of B.K.C having highly effective against bacterial, protozoan, fungal and viral diseases of fish, prawn & shrimps. it is powerful sanitizer which helps in including molting and also prevents water contamination.


    Application Dilute 500ml to 1000ml germicide in 100 Litres of water and spray uniformly throughout the pond of one acre or meter water depth.

    Presentation: 1 & 5ltrs

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  • Germs

    GERMS-water and soil probiotic (granules)

    * Germs oxidizes toxic gases like NH3.H2s,No3 etc.
    * Germs improves DO level and reduce BOD and COD .
    * Germs reduces pathogenic bacteria in the pond

    Application:1-5kgs one acre fish or shrimp pond


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  • Grow-Liv

    Grow-Liv-Fish feed Supplements
    Benefits :
    * Protects Liver from feed / water related toxins.
    * Optimizes the utilization of feed ingredients.
    * Improves FCR. Improves weight gain.
    * Improves fat metabolism. Improves livability. Improve resistance.

    Application:As per prescribed by the Aqua consultant based on the pond Condition


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  • Gutazen

    Gutazen – Exclusive Water Sanitizer for fish culture

    Gutazen is a highly formulated sanitizing compound
    It kills the pathogenic bacteria.
    It controls the incidence of bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases.

    Application:1Litre per acre / as per Aqua Consultant.

    Presentation : 1 lit & 5 lit.

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  • Hydrocure

    Hydrocure:Control Pathogens with its Powerful Sanitizing compounds

    Benefits :Hydrocure control Bacterial, Fungal and Protozoan Infections.

    Dosage: 1Litre per Acre of pond or as directed by Aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 1Liter and 5 Liters.

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  • Jet-37

    JET37Top performance sanitizer


    * Jet-37 solution is advice for use in control protozoan infections of prawns successfully.

    * Jet-37 is useful to reduce the levels of ciliates on culture marine shrimps.

    * Jet-37 effectively used for the treatment of Ecto parasitic infections on fish.

    Application: 1 ltr per acre/as per aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 5 lt,20lt.

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  • Legros Bio


    * Helps to active the function of Hepato pancreas
    * Helps to control white Gut Diseases in shrimps
    * Helps for fast growth and more body weights
    * Effectively controls wide range of pathogens in gut
    * Improve Survival rates
    * Helps for better Digestion.
    * Best Immune Modulator

    Dosage: as per pond condition.

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  • Leo-c

    Leo-C– Ascorbic Acid 50%.


    • Instant Relief from stress.
    • Improves Health & Immunity.
    • Helps for More survivals.
    • Helps for better growth & body weight.
    • Increases muscle strength.
    • Improve free moulting.

    Dosage: 5gms per kg of feed in Normal condition

    Presentation: 500gms

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  • Leo-Force


    • Reduces the microbial load in the gut of the shrimp
    • Avoid the stress to the prawn
    • Improve the production efficiency
    • Prevent white gut disease in shrimp
    • Improves the survivals with better growth and body weights.
    • Improves feed intake and induces moulting process.
    • Control the vibrio load in the gut.

    Dosage: 5gms per kg feed or as per pond condition

    Note: Mix required quantity of Loe-Force with a Add-Gel or Calcigrow binder.

    Presentation: 500gms

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  • Mega Ps

    MEGA PS:
    * Reduce the toxic gases in bottom of the pond water .
    * It improves useful bacteria in the pond.
    * It maintains alkalinity and PH.

    APPLICATION : 5 Litre per Acre for every 15 days

    Presentation : 5lt, 20lt.

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  • Microbes


    Specialized Water and Soil Probiotic for L. Vannamei.,

    Specially made for Vibrio and bottom Controller for shrimp culture.


    * Ensure high survival
    * Enhance water quality
    * Reduce the Pathogenic Bacterial loads Quickly
    * Reduce the stress to the animal
    * Increases pond coloring to desired Color
    * Reduce the toxic gases quickly

    Dosage: 250-500 gms /Acre for shrimp

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