• Microbial-Tab


    Microbial-Tab –High Concentrated Probiotic Tablets:

    Potency : Guaranteed analysis 40 x 109 c.f.u per gram

    Benefits :
    * Reduce the pathogenic bacteria loads quickly .
    * Reduce the bottom sludge .Reduce the toxic gases quickly .
    * Improve the water Quality thus Increase pond coloring to desired greenish color.
    * It is effective in high range of salinity water.

    Dosage : 250gms per Acre for shrimp

    Application :Recommended quantity of tablets & distribute all over the pond in sunlight only.

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  • Min Balance


    • Provides Essential macro and micro minerals,Vitamins and amino acids in full strength.
    • Builds fish with stronger bones and more weight.
    • Aids digestion and improves growth and FCR.
    • Enhances Natural colours of fishes.
    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Increases the liver function in detoxifying.
    • Reduces stress due to diseases and water quality deterioration.
    • Better growth and weight gain.
    • Enzymes help in the digestion of protein,fats carbohydrates and fibre

    Dosage :
    *10kg/Tonne of feed

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  • Nitro-NB

    Nitro-NB Complete water & soil Pollution Controller
    NITRO-NB Improves the useful Bacteria and maintain alkalinity and PH levels .
    It reduces the H2S and NH3 in water.
    NITRO-NB Controls Nitrites and maintain COD & BOD levels so Provides favorable environment to Prawn and Fish growth
    Dosage:5 Liter per acre Once in a 15 days or advised by an aqua consultant.

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  • Nitrokill

    Nitrokill– A Unique Pond Protector.


    * Reduce the formation of toxic gases like NH4,H2S,NO3,at bottom of the pond

    * Helps to optimizes plankton growth

    * Regulates pond water parameters

    * Reduce pond water turbidity and increase DO levels

    * Improves soil and water quality

    Dosage : Shrimp/Fish 400gms  per acre.

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  • Orgamin


    Orgamin lm – 100% Water Soluable Organic Minerals

    * To helps the pre-moulting of the shrimp and avoid the soft shelling of the shrimp.
    * Improves the colour of pond water by promoting phytoplankton blooms in order to create an abundant natural food basis and stabilize the environment of the culture pond.
    * Balance the mineral deficiency.

    Dosage: . Consult aqua technician for specific usage.

    Presentation: 1 & 5Litres.

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  • Oxy Plus

    OXY PlusTab

    It is a new generation of OXY+ in tablet form.
    * It can increase oxygen levels very quickly in water for Aqua culture and aquatic organisms .
    * When Oxygen content is too low in water it is very easy to result in to hypoxia of Fish & Shrimp .
    * It sinks down to the bottom of the pond and release oxygen continuously ,Thus oxygen can be increase from the bottom of the water

    Direction of usage : Throw it in water directly

    Dosage : 200 – 300gms

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  • Oxy-Zone

    Oxy – ZoneDO Enhancer


    • It improves DO levels quickly.
    • It helps in the rapid enhancement of dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water.
    • Increases Molting efficiency and feed intake.
    • Animals get complete relaxation from stress.
    • Prevents Mass Mortalities
    • Helps to reduce COD & BOD

    Dosage:  500g per acre prawn Ponds/ Fish ponds or as directed by the aqua consultant.

    Presentation : 1kg.

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  • Oxygain

    OXYGAIN(GRANULES)-sustained oxygen releaser

    Application:It can increase oxygen levels very quickly in water for Aqua culture and aquatic organisms

    * 1000gms per acre to prawn ponds 500gms per acre to fish ponds.

    Presentation:1 kg

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  • PH-Controller

     PHcontroller-Excellent  PH Reducer


     *  PH controller controls high  PH.

    *  Control the over algal bloom.

    *  Maintain the water quality.

    *  Avoid the  PH.stress and improve the feed intake.

    *  Reduce the PH.proper molting recover the skeletal formation.

    *  This product contains high concentration of organic acids to control the algal bloom.

    DOSAGE:As per technical adviser.

    USAGE:Direct water application at the time of sunlight get the more results.


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  • Plankto Bloom

    PLANKTO BLOOM-producing rich plankton for fish and prawns.

    It is specially designed product that contain all necessary elements in combination with the probiotic bacteria to promote healthy and stable growth of beneficial plankton.

    Unstable plankton leads to bloom crash, poor survival/growth of shrimp and fish. plankton have highest nutritional value helps in improving the survival and growth rate of cultured fish and shrimp. one of the most visible signs of adverse effect in the soil condition is unstable plankton bloom.

    DOSAGE:1 litre per acre in fish-2 litre per acre in prawn.

    USAGE:Day time in sunlight through water application.

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  • Real EDTA

    Real EDTAThe True EDTA

    * To help the pre molting in the shrimp
    * Reduce Hardness of water to minimum levels by stabilizing the alkalinity in the pond water.
    * Real EDTA reduces the problem of heavy metals in pond or bore water
    Dosage: 2kg per acre.

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  • Revit

    Revit-Hi-Concentrated Vitamins

    * Improves fast growth and weight gain
    * Reduce stress due to diseases and water quality deterioration
    * Improve good quality fish and prawn
    * Enhance natural color of the fish and prawn
    * Improve feed conversion ratio(FCR)
    Dosage:Fish 1kg 1ton of feed. Prawn 10g per 1kg feed

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