• Sofner



    • Helps to reduce hardness of the pond water.
    • Reduce excess iron and other toxic metals in the pond
    • Control the water turbidity
    • Stimulates moulting
    • Regulates Moulting
    • Best alternative for bore water aqua culture.
    • Helps to maintain optimum DO levels in the pond.
    • Helps to provide optimum health and activeness to aquatic animals

    Dosage: 1kg per Acre

    Presentation: 1 kg

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  • Tri-Min

    Tri-MinPurified Minerals, Magnesium, Calcium,Potassium

    Benefits :

    • Helps For initiation of moulting process quickly.
    • Improve the shell quality of shrimp.
    • Increases phyto or zooplankton growth.
    • Helps the pre-moulting of the shrimp and avoid the soft-shelling of the shrimp.

    Dosage : 20kgs per acre.

    Presentation : 20kgs.

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  • White-Min


    White Min – Highly water Dissolvable minerals


    • It maintains osmotic pressure and catalyst enzymes activity in fish and shrimp
    • Increases sufficient amount of Phytoplankton and natural food in the pond
    • Used as pond fertilization to increase the production of live food organisms and plankton naturally present in the pond; therefore, increase the economy of feeding during the begining of stocking
    • To helps the pre-molting of the shrimp and avoid the soft-shelling of the shrimp
    • Help to increase the fish/shrimp production capacity of the culture system by serving primarily as a direct source of essential nutrients for the resident natural food chain with in the water body and for the pond bottom.


    Regular Usage :5Kg per Acre.

    During Molting: 10Kg per Acre.


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  • Yucca Plus


    Yucca Plus:Toxic Gas absorber.


    * Binds ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, Sulphor dioxide and other toxic gases.

    * Converts toxic nitrogenous waste in to development of planktons growth.

    * Improves water quality by minimizing the production of pollutants.

    * Eliminates toxic /pungent bad smell in the bottom of the pond.

    * Maintains optimum DO levels.

    Dosage:500g per Acre


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  • Zeo-Cure

    Zeo-cureExcellent soil cleaner

    * Specially activated to give specific range of pore size to bind toxic gases like H2S and NH3, pathogenic bacteria and suspended organic waste.
    * It improves water quality by controlling water hardness and alkalinity.
    * Removes foul odor from the pond bottom.

    Application: 10 to 20 kg per acre of pond during culture or as per advice of aqua consultant.

    Presentation: 10 kgs, 25kgs.

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